Friday, May 25, 2012

Want to Teach in Another State?

Feeling adventurous, want to relocate, and/or teach in another state? Job applicants who live in smaller New England state can increase their opportunity by applying for jobs in several surrounding states.

To search for a job in another state, identify teacher recruitment or the state's department of education web sites, dates for the state's (or district) job fairs, and the state's certification requirements. 

1.  Visit different teacher recruitment web sites. Some teacher recruitment web sites work closely with districts in a particular region of the country. For instance, works closely with many schools and districts in New England region. Use job search engines for the states you would like to teach. Here are some examples:
ABC Teaching Jobs
If you want to teach in independent schools in another state, visit these web sites:
Carney, Sandoe and Associates
National Association of Independent Schools

See the last chapter in my book, The Guide to Winning a Teaching Position in Any Job Market for a more complete list of teacher recruitment websites.  

2.  Visit the department of education employment web site in the state you want to teach. Here are some examples:
North Carolina:

3.  Many teaching job fairs are scheduled for late winter and early spring.
Identify state or district job fairs the state where you want to teach. American Association for Employment in Education maintains a calendar of job fairs around the country.
And, use your web browser search engine and enter keywords such as “teaching job fairs” or “education career fairs” fairs and the name of the state.

4.  Learn about certification requirements in the state where you want to teach and "reciprocity.” Visit the state department of education educator licensure sites to learn about specific licensure requirements. You may need to pass the state’s standardized basic skills test, demonstrate subject area competence, and/or take additional courses for an educator license. Read the April 23, 2012 posting called "Want to Teach in Another State? Know the State’s Certification Requirements."  There is a link to a site called Certification Map <> that provides information about state certification requirements, average salaries, etc.

Start the teaching job search in another state early. The peak of hiring season for many districts and schools is February - April. Learn about the certification requirements in the state you want to teach. You may need to take a state licensure test to earn a teaching certificate required for the teaching job.