Sunday, January 15, 2012

Presentation at Concordia College - New York

You can read an article about a recent presentation to the Class of 2012 education students at Concordia College New York in Bronxville, NY.

Author and Career Expert Speaks to Students

Professor Macgregor Kniseley, Ed.D., author of The Guide to Winning a Teaching Position in Any Job Market, spoke to Class of '12 education students on challenges for the nation's newly-certified teachers. See more at

Johanna Perry, Director of Concordia College’s Career Development Center wrote

Professor MacGregor Kniseley made excellent points for Concordia College future educators and has very good advice for students gearing up to apply for teaching positions. Dr. Kniseley’s presentation would be of benefit to any education department, as well as students from other disciplines in order to help them navigate the job market during a very challenging time.

Rosemary Osso, Career Development Coordinator added,

Dr. Kniseley provided valuable advice on organizing and networking that I am now implementing when I mentor and advise students.

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