Monday, July 18, 2011

Profile of a Job Seeker: Application and Interviewing

This week I heard great news from the job seeker who was featured in the July 7, 2011 blog post. He turned down one job offer to take his "dream job" in another high school. Congratulations!

Another job seeker wrote and said she interviewed for a Grade 2 teaching position in a charter school. Below are details applying for the position and responses to my questions:

Submitted Application: July 5, 2011
Selected for the Interview: July 8, 2011

Interviewed for Position: July 13, 2011

What was the application process?

I submitted an electronic application on the school’s web site. I submitted the application, a cover letter, résumé, three letters of reference, a transcript, and certification.

Tell me about the interview for the position.

The interview lasted 45 minutes. I interviewed with the school's principal, vice principal, Grade 4 teacher, and school personnel from a neighboring school (principal, Grade 2 teacher and Grade 5 teacher) in the school's conference room. This was the only interview so far. The interview did not include a demonstration lesson or proctored writing sample.

During the interview, I presented some of my materials while explaining some of my answers to the group. I passed out samples of work and items used during a lesson as well as images and worksheets.

What interview questions did the hiring committee ask?

1. What can you bring to the school district?

2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

3. Describe a science lesson that went really well.

4. What types of technology have you used?

5. What would you do if a parent was concerned about how you graded a paper?

6. How would one of your students describe you?

7. How would you teach reading to a classroom?

8. Describe a lesson that did not go as planned.

9. Describe some math techniques you use.

10. What questions do you have?

What would you have done differently during the interview?

To support my understanding of strategies for teaching diverse learners, I wish I had explained more types of students with whom I have worked.


Email me ( your success story! Provide the following information:

1. What was the application and hiring process?

2. Tell me about the interview for the position.

3. What interview questions did the hiring committee ask?

4. What advice do you have for those who are applying for teaching jobs?

5. Indicate the title of position (grade/content area/specialty) school, district, community, and state.